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Basalt Insulation Board

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Basalt Insulation Board Description

This Basalt Board is made from volcanic rock. In large furnaces, the material will be molten and then extruded, similar like glass fibers. However, due to no additional Boron, it has a very low footprint. This material is a natural product and can be put back to nature, after use. It therefore classifies as a Green Product. This board is designed for temperature applications up to 1,600 degrees F. It is a great alternative to ceramic blankets or ceramic boards. It can be used to protect your wall from radiation, coming from a wood stove. You can use it to protect other vital surfaces from temperature sources up to 1,600 degrees F. More examples below. You would want to use it on flat surfaces. It can be easily double layered to gain improved insulation values. Applications: • Boilers • Wood stoves • Ovens • Kilns • Furnaces • Whiteware • Transportation • Refractory applications • In general for application up to 1,600 degrees F Advantages: – Ceramic blanket replacement – Does not form shot – Is not effected by moisture, not water soluble – Can be disposed with regular household waste – Looks always clean, as it has a natural olive green look – Can be used outdoors, will not rot The board comes in following standard thicknesses: 1/4′ x 231/2 x 231/2 The board can be cut easily with a box knife. Note: As fiberglass, this fibrous material can cause skin irritation. Wear old clothes and gloves to cut to size and to install it. The material will have discoloration, as it is a natural product. This has no bearing on its properties.

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