ES3000 Digital Earth Ground Resistance Meter Tester

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ES3000 Digital Earth Ground Resistance Meter Tester Description

Technical Specification Resistance:0.01Ω~3000Ω, Accuracy ±1.5%rdg±5dgt Resistance Resolution:0.01Ω Voltage Range:0.01~100.0V AC, Accuracy ±1%rdg±3dgt Voltage Resolution:0.01V Baseline conditions:23℃±5℃,below 75%rh (Auxiliary ground resistance 100Ω ± 5%, voltage to ground Function:Earth resistance measurement, ground voltage measurement, low value resistance measurement Power:DC 6V Lead-acid batteries Backlight:Controllable gray screen backlight, suitable for use in dim places measurement mode:Precise three-wire measurement, simple two-wire measurement Measurement methodsGrounding resistance: rated current change pole method, test current > 20mA (sine wave), 128Hz Ground Voltage: Average Rectification Test frequency:128Hz Display mode:4-bit large LCD display, gray screen backlight Measurement instructions:LED flashing indicator during measurement, LCD countdown display LCD size:108mm*65mm Instrument size:L/W/H:277.2mm*227.5mm*153mm Test line length:3 strips:red 15m,yellow10m,green 5m each one Simple test line:2strips:red 1.6m,green 1.6m each one Auxiliary Grounding rod:2PCS φ10mm×200mm Measure time:Ground voltage:about 2 times/sec; grounding resistance: about 5 seconds/time Measurement times:5000 times or more Line voltage:Measuring grounding voltage : AC 600V or less USB interface:With USB interface, software monitoring, storage data can be uploaded to the computer, save and print Communication Line:One USB communication line, 1.5m long Data storage:500 groups, flashing ‘FULL’ symbol indicates that the memory is full Data review:Data review function: ‘MR’ symbol display Overflow display:Over-range overflow function: ‘OL’ symbol display Alarm function:Alarm when the measured value exceeds the alarm setting value Battery voltage:Real-time display of battery power

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